Data Analytics

Driving changes.

We live in a world with an abundance of information and data.  How do we best use it?  What can we learn from it? The Sopham Consulting Group is here to help you, using its vast experience in this area.  Our team consists of individuals with data management capabilities, business process knowledge, and statistical, analytical backgrounds.  This blend of core skills enables us to transform data into relevant insights.  Whether you are looking to build up data capabilities and/or use data to develop strategic recommendations, our dedicated resources will be able to assist you in achieving your goals.

Below is our comprehensive approach to data analytics.

  • Develop a clear, communicable definition of the issue at hand
  • Identify and document data requirements (i.e., the type of data that is needed and the amount of data required)
  • Determine data availability – is this information readily available?
    • Develop a data request
    • Determine alternate sourcing methods if necessary (i.e., data collection instruments, survey)
  • Check the usability of the data for completeness and accuracy
  • Analyze data to identify patterns, trends, and other insights based on the data size and desired outcome
  • Transform results into insights by bringing to bear experience and industry standards
  • Summarize and organize results in a format that is suitable for the intended audience

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