Business Process Improvement

The Fork in the Road

In the current business climate, companies must become more efficient and lean to stay competitive. Main methods of improving performance is reviewing existing processes, technology and organizational structure, identifying areas of enhancement and change, and finally, developing recommended solutions and executing them.

Sopham Consulting Group has supported a number of business process improvement initiatives that yielded favorable results for our clients.  Our dedicated resources will work closely with your team to perform a current state assessment and identify key drivers for potential optimization.  Once identified, we then move quickly to develop a robust solution for your company to achieve measurable results in a cost-effective manner.  We accomplish this by identifying stakeholders, risks, and challenges early on during the identification and evaluation phase to minimize potential issues that may be encountered during implementation.

See below for our four-step approach to BPI.

      • Collaborate closely with stakeholders to document existing processes
      • Identify desired end state (based on stakeholder interview, benchmarking)
      • Conduct gap analysis to determine opportunities for improvement
      • Evaluate and prioritize opportunities
      • Identify risks, challenges, benefits and organizational/stakeholder considerations
      • Modify existing processes and/or develop new processes based on evaluation
      • Develop pilot study options, data collection mechanisms and measures
      • Pre-decision: provide all necessary information and briefings
      • Pre-implementation: identify and conduct change management tasks
      • Post-implementation: conduct process monitoring to identify inefficiencies and correct them

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